Waterbird Flutes  ONLY in Aromatic cedar  
Mini Bird Caller
Mini Flutes in .925 sterling silver
Michael Graham Allen
"Anasazi" Flute
Earing , Necklace set
Silver whistle 3 very high notes
Small Silver flutes, I
can make a replicate
of the flute, who ever
your favorite maker is
22'' length, mid G minor,
Made to Order

Sand painting flutes are made to order,
All the sand I use is natural sand from different parts of the U.S.A.
Backing sand is from AZ., Blue is crashed sleeping beauty turquoise, different
shades of red mostly Oklahoma and New Mexico, light brown to dark brown
New Mexico Arizona, Black from Colorado and Utah.
18'' Yellow B minor

22'' Big Black, Low G minor drone

18'' Inlay wood, D minor

18'' Sand Painting D drone

18'' Plain drone
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Authentic Native American
Flutes and One of A kind Navajo
Sand Painting style Flutes
Email me if you have any question on prices
Hi - D Minor drone, Navajo Sand art Flute with
exotic wood Cocobola & Yellow Canary wood